The Funny, Yet Utterly Frightening Defunding Of Planned Parenthood In ‘Wing It Parenthood’

Back in April of 2011, my great state of Indiana was the first to defund Planned Parenthood. In a move that became central to the Republican party’s agenda across the country, the low-cost provider of cancer screenings, STD tests, and all manner of reproductive healthcare for women lost all of its funding because it dares to provide a completely legal service to women in my state. (That would be abortion. Which is still legal, in case anyone has forgotten.)

Now, Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney has personally vowed to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood on a national level, leaving women who depend on those services to plan for themselves. Or they could just wing it.

Enter the wonderful minds of Funny Or Die. They teamed up with Connie Britton to show just what “Wing It Parenthood’ could become, once the government strips all of the funding that allows for “Planning.” I laughed hysterically as Britton attempted to give her own version of a mammogram, just squishing a woman’s boob like a pancake. And her suggestion that a hot compress could cure anything hit a little too close to home. I think my mother would suggest a hot compress for absolutely anything.

The sketch would be even funnier if it wasn’t a distinct possibility, especially for states for like mine. As we’ve reported before, the cuts to Planned Parenthood really do result in low-income women losing healthcare services, making it more difficult to get birth control, cancer screenings and pap smears. Once you think about that, the humor gives way to a little bit of depression.

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