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Walking Dead Disney: Disney Characters Would Make The Walking Dead So Much Better

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the_walking_disney___snow__cindy_and_aurora_by_kasami_sensei-d79ntv11I love when talented artists re-imagine Disney characters and this is probably my favorite, because the incredibly talented Kasami-Sensei has placed some of our favorites in a whole new world, a whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew where walkers try to eat you every chance they get… (sing with me people)

This Walking Dead re-imagined with Disney Characters is probably the best thing to happen to the Walking Dead since Carol told Lizzie to Look At The Flowers. I love the WD as much as the next person, but it’s getting boring. I can’t help it. True Detective has ruined me for our stories that we can usually enjoy together. So this mashup makes me all too happy.




Sadly, no Olaf here.



Toy Story!




and my all time favorite, Michonne as Tiana.


Now that all of our good friends from the show are at Terminus with it’s lovely little hippie commune vibe it’s almost like they are in a Disney movie, so this is all very fitting. Keep in mind, I haven’t read the graphic novels because I suck  so I’m hoping a whole mess of bad stuff goes down there or at least someone eats Carl. Feel free to disagree with me strongly in the comments all about how The Walking Dead is still amazing viewing because at this point all I care about its watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Whch, ya know, someone should do a drawing of Tim Riggins as a Disney prince while we are at it.

You can see the rest of the amazing work here.

(Images:  Kasami-Sensei)