The Funniest Shark Week 2017 Memes All in One Place

It’s hard to even contain the excitement that Shark Week 2017 has begun! Discovery Channel gave us the gold that is Shark Week for the first time in July of 1988 and since then it’s always happened, without skipping a year, either in July or August. It’s well-loved by people who love or fear sharks and it’s internationally celebrated. This year is one of the biggest yet and marks the 29th anniversary — Olympic superstar Michael Phelps got into the action this year and well, he raced a white shark. Yes, he lost, but hi, that was fun.

If you’re loving Shark Week 2017 already and want more to love here are the funniest memes all in one place.

1. Did you know?

shark week 2017 meme
Image: Imgur / emtcj

2. Cuddle me?

shark week
Image: Imgur / Dlbz44

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3. Be a Shark

4. Watch out 😉

In honor of shark week

5. At least it’s not a deer

shark week meme
Image: Imgur / MikeSierraTango3Kilo


6. Prepare yourself

7. I’m dangerous!

Shark Week
Image: Imgur

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8. YAY!

9. Sads

shark week seal
Image: Imgur / JPTactical

10. Happens to the best of us

shark week
Image: Imgur / JPTactical

11. Benefit of the doubt

12. Solid dad joke

dad joke shark meme
Image: Imgur / Just_some_n00b


13. So misunderstood

misunderstood shark meme
Image: Imgur / nuclear_wynter

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14. So happy

15. Never win Shark

shark week
Image: Imgur / EikonaCloudq

16. Don’t blame you, buddy

shark meme
Image: Imgur / cobrien77

17. Oh, that’s sad.

shark week 2017 meme
Image: Imgur / TheH0Fq

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you that Shark Week 2017 is here? Let us know in the comments!

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