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Drinking Breast Milk Makes You Tweet Offensive Things, Just Ask Jason Biggs

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jason biggs Malaysian Airlines tweetJason Biggs had a BIGG week. After admitting to what all dads have been curious to try but rarely do—drinking their wife’s breast milk—Biggs followed up with an inappropriate tweet about the Malaysia Airlines crash just a few days later. Does drinking breast milk cause you to tweet crazy things? The answer is maybe.

The Orange Is the New Black star shared his breast milk-drinking anecdote when he appeared on Conan earlier in the week:

“I wanted to see what all the fuss was about!” he said of sneaking a sip of his wife’s breast milk. “My kid loves it!”

Just a few days later, Jason is in the spotlight again—this time, for a much saltier reason. Jason has always been known for his controversial tweets, but many of his followers took offense to his joke about the tragic Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash at the Russian border in Ukraine.

He tweeted:

“Anyone wanna buy my Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles?”

Needless to say, the Twitterverse was pissed. Followers told him that his poor comedic timing was “too soon,” especially since many families still did not know if their loved ones were on the flight. Jason initially got defensive and demanded that fans unfollow him if they didn’t appreciate his sense of humor.

After presumably giving himself time to cool down, Jason apologized via the following tweets:


Here’s what I hypothesize happened. Jason was curious and decided to take a surreptitious sip of his wife’s freshly pumped breast milk. Suddenly, he was like, “I feel NOURISHED and SATIATED and CONTENT. I might as well tweet the first crazy, insensitive thing that comes into my brain. Breast milk gives me super powers.”

In all seriousness, I can see both sides of Jason’s argument. His joke was definitely too soon, but I am also married to a man who has perfected his irreverent, “too soon” sense of humor. I personally love it, but I can see how it wouldn’t go over so well in a public forum. At the same time, Jason has been a celebrity for quite a while now. He should know that making jokes about public tragedies isn’t the best PR move. As for the breast milk, to each their own—but I never had the balls to take a sip.

Jason, I love your humor, but next time, think before you drink and tweet.

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