Woman Watches One Too Many Romantic Comedies, Starts Twitter Campaign To Find Man She Met In Bar

A few days before Christmas a woman and a man chatted in a bar – as women and men are wont to do. They did not exchange numbers – and a modern day Cinderella story began. Only in this story, Cinderella is a man and the golden slipper is a Twitter hashtag and 60 fliers plastering the streets of Old Town, Alexandria.


I hate stories like this. Not because I am a jaded cynic – but because I hate watching people fail publicly. It’s why I never go to comedy shows. It’s also why I enjoy romantic comedies; the girl always gets her guy in the end. I like the comfort of certainty. These signs are making me cringe.

Here’s what happened: Courtney and Ben met in a bar a couple days before Christmas. They really hit it off, but instead of sticking around to exchange numbers, Courtney left with her friends. This is a move that she would begin to regret – because it’s really hard to meet someone you like these days. What to do? How to find this man? Obviously, the best choice would be to plaster the town with posters that eerily remind everyone of lost dog fliers and create a Twitter hashtag. A man was lost, but #FindBen was born:

From The Huffington Post:

“Religion, faith, morality, culture and how do you define culture in society, definitely not the things you just randomly talk to someone about in bar,” she said, emphasizing to the station that she isn’t “crazy,” just fun and unpredictable. “It was an extensive conversation in the middle of a DJ playing, a hundred people dancing all around us.”

She gave several interviews and people jumped on the Twitter trend, spreading the photo of the flier and weighing in on what they thought would happen. Some were moved by Courtney’s actions. Others, not so much.

Well, she found Ben. Yesterday she tweeted, “I found Ben! To respect Ben’s privacy, I won’t be taking any more interviews. Thank you everyone for the support in my quest to #FindBen !!!” Something tells me that if this was the love story for the ages, they would be appearing on camera together or he would at least be making a statement. See? Don’t you hate this? Ack. I need happy endings. I hate this story.

Here’s what I think happened; Courtney, like myself, watches too many romantic comedies and lost her mind momentarily. Ben is either taken or is just a really good conversationalist. The fliers and Twitter campaign were overkill. The end.

(photo: Twitter)

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