The Trailer for ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Is Here

Ok, confession: I’ve never seen a Fifty Shades movie. I tried to read the first book once, and just could not do it. But, from my understanding, some of y’all LOVE these damn movies. Well, get your knickers ready, because the new trailer for the final installment came out, and it looks … intense. Fifty Shades Freed picks up where Fifty Shades Darker left off, and throws in some extra drama, just for kicks.

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The trailer for Fifty Shades Freed opens with a montage of Anastasia and Christian’s complicated relationship. We see Christian propose, and get a glimpse of the wedding.

Then shit gets real. The couple is living in wedded bliss with huge mansions, private planes, and whips and chains. We even get some sass from formerly quiet and soft-spoken Ana, when she lays some truth down on an architect who’s getting a little fresh with her new husband.

“You may call me Mrs. Grey.” Oh hell yeah, girl.

But then there’s drama, with the return of Ana’s former boss. Suddenly there are car chases, guns, kidnapping (from he looks of it), and lots of scowling from Christian. As a Fifty Shades newbie, I have to say, it looks very entertaining! I would definitely watch this when it comes to Netflix.

The die-hard Fifty Shades fans are literally out of their minds waiting for this movie. Which, obviously, comes out on Valentine’s Day 2018.

The trailer ends with some surprising news for Ana. I don’t think this is considered a spoiler alert since it’s in the damn trailer, but Mrs. Grey learns she’s pregnant. Or is she?? I honestly don’t know, someone who read the books will need to tell me.

Watch the trailer for yourselves, and get ready! Are you dragging your partner to see this on Valentine’s Day? Or are you ditching significant others for a girl’s night?

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