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There Will Only Be About 5 Places You Can’t Bring A Gun In Georgia If This Bill Passes #Amurica

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A new Georgia State flag, stands outside the office of Bob BWhen the National Rifle Association labels a bill the most “comprehensive gun bill” in recent state history, rest assured that the legislation will be filled with so much “WTF” that any reasonable person’s head will explode.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) (shocker) is expected to sign a bill that will allow guns basically everywhere – bars, libraries, schools – the list goes on. It also eliminates criminal charges for those who “accidentally” bring their guns to the airport – because really, who cares if someone gets on a plane with a gun? No big deal. Since Stand Your Ground isn’t scary enough, it will also allow felons to invoke the defense, which I’m assuming means that it’s a-ok for felons to be armed in this state, too.

There are a few places you still can’t carry a gun. Government buildings, but only if they don’t have a a metal detector or security personnel, a courthouse, a jail or prison, a mental institution, a place of worship – unless the place of worship doesn’t mind, or something – a nuclear power plant or within 150 feet of a polling place. Does this sound a little confusing? It is. The bill is almost indecipherable.

Holders of concealed weapons are supposed to carry concealed weapons permits on their person, but there’s a caveat in the bill that cops aren’t allowed to stop anyone solely to check for that permit. Hmm. The bill also allows guns in bars, as long as the holder does not consume alcohol. That will be easy to enforce. As a career bartender I can attest that it is super easy to stop someone from drinking in a bar. No it’s not.

Guns are super safe and they have safeties and other safe things that make them totally safe. Why not bring one onto a nuclear power plant? People know how to use their guns and should never be restricted. This is America, damn it. We want our guns ALL THE TIME. Why restrict this at all? Guns don’t kill people, people do. A toothbrush is just as deadly as a gun, a statement I overheard in my local wine bar last week, #Florida. If you are going to take the time to craft a bill that basically allows gun owners to bring their guns anywhere they damn please, why not save time and just say


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