The NSFW Black Tape Project Is a Fashion Trend That Looks Painfully Cool

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A Florida artist has designed an “exclusive fashion experiment” that only requires one thing: black electrical tape. Joe Alvarez’s Black Tape Project is, according to their Facebook page, a “scintillating visual extravaganza that has captivated audiences around the globe. Prepare to be mesmerized as the barriers of creative fashion are pushed to their limits. The Black Tape Project is an exclusive fashion experiment which attempts to creatively display the sensual nature of the human form as it vacillates between the realms of innovation and seduction.” TL;DR, the Black Tape Project is models wearing black electrical tape on their skin like incredibly sticky bathing suits.

It really does look amazing, and I can’t imagine having the stamina to cut out and place all those tiny pieces of tape.

black tape project

Image: Instagram / @blacktapeproject

But can you just imagine taking all that tape off??

You would need vats of Goo-Gone.

so much tape

Image: Instagram / @blacktapeproject

According to Daily Mail, Alvarez tapes up a bunch of ladies and then they all hit up da club. I wouldn’t know if that was true since the last club I went to was Sam’s Club, although they DO sell electrical tape there, so I feel somewhat trendy-adjacent.

Daily Mail points out that while some women are cool with minimal strips of tape, others give the look a more “modest twist” by wearing jeans on the bottom and just tape on top.

that's more modest

Image: Instagram / @blacktapeproject

Someecards points out that the Black Tape Project’s website has a baffling video that basically compares women to owls.

[vimeo video=”74327106″]

I honestly have no idea what I just watched.

(Image: Black Tape Project)