10 Reasons Decorating A Big Kid’s Room Is Better Than Decorating A Nursery

I know most of us can relate to the excitement of decorating your first baby’s nursery. You spend so much time perfecting every little detail and anticipating the arrival of the sweet bundle that will inhabit the space you so lovingly crafted. And the best part is that you can basically do it however you want- newborns give no shits so this is your time to make all the decisions. Once your child is older, they will have opinions about how their bedroom looks and while this may sound like a bummer, I am here to reassure you- it is pretty much awesome. Here are 10 reasons decorating a big kid’s room is better than decorating a nursery:

1. They Can Tell You What They Want

I don’t know about any of you, but it overwhelms me when I am asked to make decisions. I second-guess myself and wish someone would just tell me what to do- kind of how I wish I would just have a third baby by mistake so I don’t have to decide. At the ages my kids are now, they are both more than happy to tell me what they want and I love that.

2. The Themes Are Way More Fun

I know a lot of people do fancy nurseries that are definitely more for the parents but I would venture that most of us stick with babyish themes and colors because, well, it is for a baby. I know that one day, my husband will realize his dream of a Star Wars bedroom by living vicariously through our son. Dream big, little one.

3. You Can Learn More About Your Kid

When kids get bigger, they tend to start telling you less about their lives and what they like. We are not quite there yet but I know the day will come where I will be scrounging for a way to know more about my kids. Buying them new shit for their bedroom seems as good a way as anything else.

4. No Child-Proofing Worries

When you decorate a nursery, obviously, you have to consider the safety of the small person living in the room. When you decorate a big kid’s room, you can usually assume that they will not try to scale their dresser or stick shit in the electrical sockets. At least I hope.

5. The Bed Won’t Have Poop In It- Ever

Again, I hope.

6. You Can Do This

lego room
via Pinterest

That Lego headboard is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen.

7. Or This

basketball roomOk, THIS is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Actually, I think I might install a teeny basketball hoop and heavy bag in my room next weekend.

8. You Can Bond During The Process

With how busy our lives are and with how independent older children can be, I find that I don’t get as much “face time” with my kids as I would like. Having a common goal and taking a special shopping trip together can be a fun way to reconnect.

9. It’s Money Well Spent

When you decorate a nursery, you know that a lot of it will eventually have to change or be replaced. The changing table, the crib, the nasty, stank-ass Diaper Genie, the wall letters that your kid will be over by the time they are five- so much money is poured into a nursery and it’s a very temporary space. With a big kid’s room, if you are smart, you can decorate once and leave it until they graduate high school. That way if you want to go Pottery Barn Kid’s crazy, it is much easier to justify.

10. They Might Actually Appreciate It

Like I said, babies give no shits. But your big kid will probably be thankful for his awesome new room.

(Image: Sergey Novikov/Shutterstock)

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