Mommyish Poll: Would You Enter To Win $35,000 In Fertility Treatment?

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To Hatch, a charity that offers fertility treatment advice, is giving one lucky person the chance to have a baby.

Beginning July 30, the Britain-based charity will sell £20 raffle tickets for a chance to win £25,000 (more than US$35,000) worth of in vitro fertilization treatments. Anyone can enter the contest and winners can transfer the prize to someone else, according to The Telegraph. If IVF treatments fail, prize-winners can use the money towards a surrogate, donor eggs or surgery. Also included in the prize is a stay at a luxury hotel and a chauffeur-drive ride to the treatment facility.

The lottery was created by 37-year-old To Hatch founder Camille Strachan. “We will offer struggling couples a completely tailor-made service,” she told The Telegraph. “We hope the To Hatch Lottery can ease the burden on the NHS [Britain’s publicly funded health care system] and reduce the stress slight on some of those who are struggling.”

But not everyone agrees. Some people find it demeaning, including Josephine Quintavalle of Comment on Reproductive Ethics. “This demeans the whole nature of human reproduction. Creation of human life should not be reduced to a public lottery,” she told The Telegraph.

What do you think? Gift of a lifetime or totally inappropriate?

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