10 Gingerbread House Fails That Will Make You Feel Like Martha Stewart

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Yesterday, I made a gingerbread house with my kids. Well, “made” as in putting together the parts that came in a canned kit from the craft store. It looked adorable so I posted a picture on Facebook (because without “likes”, did it even really happen?) and I started getting messages from friends. They told me about how they could never get their houses to stay up and wondered what I did differently. This is when it dawned on me that some people actually BAKE these things and that is what they thought I had done. I can barely bake a cookie so the pre-made kits are the only way and I also enjoy having my sanity intact so all parts fitting perfectly is a win. I figured failed gingerbread houses must look pretty funny and immediately took to the Google where I found so many fails I could hardly keep up. I weeded through them and found the best of the best for your entertainment:

1. I’m Melting, What A World, What A World



Did someone stand over the roof with a blow dryer? This poor little house. It tried.

2. I See What Ya Did There



Very funny. At least you can make a sandwich afterward.

3. Nailed It

nailed it


This reeks of “the kids helped” and mom was drinking wine.

4. Merry Crackmas



The spray-painted cock and balls adds an extra touch of whimsy, don’t you think?

5. A PSA For “Don’t Drink And Craft”

frat house


“I’m gon put deez parts right HERE on the top.”

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