Top 10 Best Alternatives To Overused, Tired Nursery Themes

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best baby nurseryBaby nurseries are adorable. With the sweetheart themes and the soft colors, they’re almost as cute as the babies themselves. But they’ve gotten to be pretty predictable as well. It’s all Classic Pooh or jungle animals, princesses or butterflies. And if I see one more owl, I might just go insane. Seriously ladies, what’s with all the owls?

It’s hard to mess up on decorating a nursery. The mere presence of a baby in the room makes the whole thing endearing. So let’s not act like there’s a right and wrong answer for decorating your little one’s bedroom. The best baby nursery is the one that feels comfy and welcoming to you.

Still, these baby themes could use an update, just to give these nesting pregnant women a few more options to consider. And really, who ever heard of too many nursery themes to choose from? So we decided to scour the interwebs for adorable pieces and inventive themes that you might not have seen dominating Babies R Us just yet. These aren’t “Nursery-in-a-Bag” rooms, so they’ll take a little work to put together. However, with just a few select pieces of furniture or wall art, you could give your bundle of joy a truly unique nursery.