Dad ‘Pranks’ Wife By Pretending He Killed Their Kid, Because That’s Hilarious

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I hate pranking videos with the intensity of 1,000 white-hot suns. On rare occasions they are funny, but they usually just make me cringe and think the person doing the pranking is an a**hole. This style of viral video reached a new low this week, when professional prankster Roman Atwood pretended to kill his own kid to prank his wife. That’s hilarious.

The title of this video alone makes me wince. It’s just called, Killing My Own Kid PRANK!… Killing my kid… 


He pretends to hurl his kid over the balcony and on to the floor below, which sends his wife into a panic, running to see if her small child is okay. Aren’t pranks actually supposed to be funny, not horrifying? This isn’t even a prank. It’s sadistic. His wife looks pissed. Not sure how he was expecting her to react; Ha! Ha! You had me going there honey! I thought you just killed our son. That is soooooo funny!

This guy actually makes a living out of being a professional prankster. If that’s the case, your family should be off limits, dude. Using your wife and child as fodder is a serious breach of respect and trust. How is she supposed to feel comfortable in her own home, knowing that at any moment, she may be the subject of one of her husband’s viral videos? Not cool.

Actually, if my husband made a video like this, saying killing my kid, it would never see the light of day. So although I don’t think she was in on it — I’m wondering why she didn’t put her foot down and say, “NOPE.”

I’m racking my brain trying to think if I’ve ever found one of these videos funny. I think they’ve jumped the shark. Pretending to kill your kid has never been funny, but the whole pranking and taping trend in general needs to die a quick death. Can we turn a corner in 2015? No more shaming our children for YouTube views and definitely no pretending to kill small children.

Is that too much to ask?

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(Image: YouTube /RomanAtwood; Originally published on: Dec 3, 2014)