Viral Video Depicting ‘Typical’ Marriage Arguments Is Both Funny and Disturbing

Marriage is full of wonderful things, like morning snuggles and having someone to go to the movies with. But as anyone that’s ever been married can tell you, it’s also chock full of arguments. Lots and lots of arguments. Of course, most of these fights are no big deal. The toilet seat gets left up. Someone forgot to rinse out their dishes. That sort of thing. Well, Meredith Masony, a mom and blogger at That’s Inappropirate, recently decided to make a post about the whole thing. And this most recent video depicting ‘typical’ marriage arguments is both funny and disturbing.

In the video, Masony is shown holding up a Barbie doll (with a picture of her head stuck over Barbie’s face), and a Spider-Man doll (with her husband’s face on it””though he’s been blurred out for privacy). Masony’s video (shown below) starts out with some light-hearted humor. What married person hasn’t even looked at their spouse’s face and asked the question, “Is everything OK?” The Meredith doll continues to ask her husband why he looks upset, and if he’s mad, while the husband doll continues to insist that he’s fine until he finally blows up and calls her, “crazy.”

In the next segment, it’s the husband doll asking why the wife didn’t answer her phone. The way the Spidey doll keeps insisting she “needs” to answer is a little…off-putting. I’ll assume it was for effect.

Then the pair argue about dinner. This is a scientifically-proven* argument that all couples have. OK, not really. I don’t think any scientists have actually studied this, but hey, we’ve all been there.

This Is Where It Goes Wrong

The last argument is the one that totally rubbed me the wrong way, though. In it, the Spider-man doll asks the Meredith doll if she wants to have sex. The wife clearly is not into it at the moment, but the husband persists. He keeps asking until she asks why he’s even asking her if she wants to do it. That’s where things turn weird.

“I want you to feel like you have choices,” he explains.

“So can I say no?”

“Not unless you want me to pout.”

Uhm, no. Unfortunately, the wife doll eventually concedes to doing it with her husband, and it’s kind of gross to think about the fact that she’s having to have sex without actually wanting to do it. I don’t know what others think about this, but in my world, that kind of smells like rape. Maybe some folks think this is cool or funny or whatever, but personally, I find it disturbing. So ladies reading this, watching this, I just want to let you know a little quick something:

If your partner is insisting you have sex and you don’t want to, don’t do it. If they pout, let them. Or better yet, leave them. Because anyone that’s going to make you feel lousy for not “putting out” isn’t worth your time.

Then again, maybe her page is called “That’s Inappropriate” for a reason. Just not my cup of tea.

(Image: Facebook / That’s Inappropriate)

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