Married Woman’s Response to Cheating Husband’s Texts Is the Savagery You Needed Today

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Cheaters suck. They’ll try to rationalize their choices, but when it comes down to it, they’re just garbage people with zero integrity or respect for their spouses or anyone else. In the age of smartphones and screenshots, cheating has taken on a whole new level of “OH SHIT YOU GOT CAUGHT” that is always fun to witness. One married woman’s response to a cheating husband’s texts has given the internet the karmic retribution

The internet,understandably loves oh so much, and we are soooooooo here for it.

The woman, who hasn’t been identified, uploaded some images to Imgur last week of an exchange between herself and a married Facebook friend. We’re fairly certain that when he reached out to violate his own marriage vows and encouraged her to violate her own, he wasn’t expecting this response.

screenshot of imessage conversation

Image: Imgur/littlesb79

Rather than take the gross dude’s bait, the woman decided to share a bit about why she wouldn’t be joining him on his infidelity adventures, with a sweet and touching anecdote about how much her husband means to her.

screenshot of imessage conversation

Image: Imgur/littlesb79

The cheating husband should probably seek medical attention for that burn, don’t you think?

Commenters on Imgur were blown away by the exchange, and had some really supportive things to say to the woman who uploaded the images.

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Imgur comment in response to cheating image

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“Get your house in order” should be the new “Bless your heart”. The woman shared a story about how her husband cared for her during her battle with cancer, how he would hold her hand when the pain was too much, and how he told their boys that their mom was sick. She mentioned that during this time, a particular song lyric would run through her mind: “Love is watching someone die”, which commenters on her post subsequently identified as being from the Death Cab for Cutie song “What Sarah Said“.

Her story is so beautiful, and obviously speaks to the amazing bond she shares with her husband. So it’s no surprise that she had such a savage response for the cheating husband’s texts and his completely inappropriate suggestion.

While stories like these are fun to read, and we thoroughly enjoy seeing a cheating husband put on blast on a public forum, we sincerely wish people would just knock it off with the infidelity. Cheaters never prosper, as we’ve seen time and time again. You’d think that with all the technology we have right at our fingertips nowadays, cheaters would get smarter about how they go about ruining their marriages and relationships, but what are you gonna do, right?

As long as there are cheaters and smartphones, we’ll continue to be entertained when they inevitably get caught. Thanks for restoring a tiny bit of our faith in humanity, random married woman!

(Image: Imgur/littlesb79)