UFC Fighter Who Recently Lost Son Blames Vaccines for His Death

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Vaccinations are a hotly debated issue among parents. On the pro-vaxx side, folks say vaccines are virtually harmless. They point out to growing epidemics of long-forgotten diseases like measles. They ridicule those who refuse to vaccinate, calling them selfish. On the anti-vaxx side, folks blame big pharma and the government for hiding evidence of vaccine-related injuries and deaths. They see diseases like chicken pox and mumps as preferable to shots. Both sides want to keep their babies safe.

But how about when a child dies, as in the case of this father who recently lost his son and blames vaccines?

“The last time I got to hold him”

Nick Catone, a father and owner of an MMA fitness studio, recently posted to his Facebook to publicly grieve the loss of his young son, Nicholas Scott Catone, back in May. According to Cantone’s post, he was watching television with his wife and 3-year-old daughter Madeline when his wife went into the bedroom to check on baby Nicholas.

As soon as I heard the sound of my wife’s scream I immediately knew. She came running out of his bedroom with him in her arms screaming he’s dead, he’s dead. I ran over to them fell to me knees and felt the life pulled right out of me. Madeline was standing right by my side watching and hearing everything seeing her little brother in my wife’s arms lifeless.”

A horrific scene. As someone who has lost a baby, I sympathize wholeheartedly with the Catone family. By the time the paramedics arrived, there was nothing to be done. The boy had been dead for hours. The family requested an autopsy be done of their child, which thus far has revealed nothing was wrong with the boy. But Cantone believes he knows what killed his child: and he blames vaccines.

Now, the father is speaking out about the problems with vaccinations, which he believes are harming more children than doing good.

He’s been using his social media to reveal how much has been paid to families whose babies have been harmed or died from vaccines. That number, to date, is over $3 billion dollars.

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This is just one of the hundreds of different stories sent to me personally. Was confirmed that the Dtap caused her son to pass away in vaccine court. First, I would like to say that I am so very sorry that you and your family are going through this. As a mom who lost her baby boy to the DTaP vaccine, there is no pain like the loss of a child. Even worse is the fact that your son, like mine, was a healthy baby boy who was catastrophically injured by something being touted as good for them. I saw a post last night that shared your story and I immediately got chills reading it. I felt compelled to reach out to you as a result. My son received his first set of vaccines when he was 8 weeks old on April 25th like your son, but in 2005. He screamed for hours that night. On April 29th, he had a seizure that caused cardiac arrest. The EMTs were able to revive him but the lack of oxygen to his brain caused such extreme damage. He remained on life support until he died on May 11th. I immediately told the doctors that he had just had his vaccines but was quickly dismissed by all as they told me there was no way they were related. I knew they were wrong and felt they were lying to me. An autopsy revealed no abnormalities yet my healthy baby boy was gone. The unbearable pain of losing my son has been with me over the past 12 years. As a result, I have done extensive research on vaccines and more specifically their ingredients. Very disturbing to find out that the drug companies, the CDC, the FDA, insurance companies, and many pediatricians have no problem with things like formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerisol and aborted fetal tissue being injected into healthy children – all because of the money that they make from doing so. It is a scientific fact that neurotoxins cause encephalitis like what happened to my son. I filed a claim in the US Court of Federal Claims (vaccine court) through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in 2007. Three years later, they determined that the DTaP vaccine caused his death. I was determined to be the voice of my son would never have and would not allow them to deny what happened to him. 3.3 BILLION in vaccine injury/death settlements.

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While doctors note the autopsy confirmed Catone’s suspicions, they also haven’t exactly denied it. According to a later post by Catone, the autopsy wasn’t able to pinpoint why his son died.

It’s hard as parents to live in a world with so much conflicting information. On the one hand, vaccines have virtually eradicated many diseases and have likely helped many children stay healthy and avoid succumbing to certain illnesses. On the other, we all take a small risk (but a risk nonetheless) every single time we put something into our child’s body. No matter how you feel about vaccines, we can all agree that it’s beyond terrible to lose a baby. My heart goes out to the Catone family at this time.

For those interested in helping this family in their time of need, here is a GoFundMe page for the Nicholas Scott Catone Memorial Fund.

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