Dad Forced to Improvise a New Lunchbox for His Son Who Lost His, His Is Absolutely Clever

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There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to picking a lunch box for your kid. There’s insulated, bento, and of course, the classic brown paper bag. When a dad was tasked with buying a new lunch box for his son, he decided regular lunch boxes were too expensive and went rogue. He might have come up with one of the more clever lunch boxes I’ve ever seen — and his wife begrudgingly agreed. The best part? He got the whole thing on video.

After he lost his son’s lunch box, a man was sent by his wife to go to the store to purchase a new one. As he walked to the store, he pondered lunch boxes in general. “Do people even use lunch boxes these days? Don’t they just put food in a bag?” Literally what my husband says every morning when I’m yelling about how gross my kids’ lunch boxes are, but I digress. When Dad arrived at the lunch box section in the store, he couldn’t believe the prices.


Image: Facebook / LADBaby

Dad decided that not only were the lunch boxes overpriced, but his son would “get bullied with one of them…not by someone at school, I mean I would bully him because of how bad they are.” He left the store, saying, “There’s only one other place I can try, but I’m not confident they even sell lunchboxes.” And then the dad walked into…a hardware store. LOL

However, the dad was actually serious about finding a lunch box in the hardware store! After goofing around a bit with some of the merchandise, Dad got down to business. After looking at a bunch of different containers, he settled on a double-sided toolbox with multiple storage spaces. Honestly, it kind of looks like a Bento Box.

only four quid!

Image: Facebook / @LADBaby

After exclaiming, “Only four quid! Yes, mate!” he took the box home to his wife and son. When he walked into his house, his wife says, “WHAT is THAT?” “A lunch box!” Dad replied. The mom did not agree.


Image: Facebook / @LADBaby

The wife was doing that thing where she’s laughing half-amused, half-omg-I-can’t-believe-you-did-this. Dad would not be deterred, however, and went off to pack a lunch in the box to show his wife just how well it could function. And, you know what? He was right. It’s freaking brilliant.


Image: Facebook / @LADBaby

As Dad pointed out, it’s got space for Cheerios, nuts, chocolate, fruit, and even Jack Daniels (for the adults, obviously). Dad called it a “buffet lunch box” and it’s pretty damn accurate. But the best part was when Dad flipped the box over, and his wife saw that he’d packed a bunch of toys into the compartments on the other side.

His wife cracked up and said, “I can’t walk around with this! I hate you…but this is actually good.” Dad replied, “Tell me it’s not the best thing you’ve ever seen,” to which the wife grudgingly replied, “It’s good.”


(Image: Facebook / @LADBaby)