These YouTube Videos Of People Doing Weird Things With Pregnancy Tests Prove Nothing Is Off Limits Anymore

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You thought the Facebook pee-stick announcement was bad? Ha! Child’s play! There’s a new overshare in town, and it puts a benign photo that you can quickly hide to shame. It’s the positive pregnancy test video. Just like bad reality TV, some of these are so bad it’s physically impossible to look away. If you’re me, anyway.

1. Really, really boring couple.


This one is five minutes long! And it’s not entertaining. Seriously – did you know that you can just throw anything on YouTube? You can literally be as boring as you want to be, and thousands of people will watch your video. 13,000 people have watched this video of a couple waiting for pee to soak a pregnancy test. Maybe you think I’m being callous – but I’ve been through a very long period of infertility and I really don’t see who this is helping. Overshare.

2. OMG – How to make a false positive appear.


Oh my god. This one shows you how to fabricate a positive pregnancy test. Using Pepsi. I’m going off-theme for a minute because I can’t believe this.

3. Homemade pregnancy test aka worst idea ever.


The comments on this thing are hilarious. Example:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.09.19 PM

It means you’re an idiot, Tara.

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