20 Impressive Tattoos Parents Got To Honor Their Kids

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There are hundreds of ways to preserve moments of your kid’s lives. Some parents keep baby books. Some parents keep online journals. Social media has made it so easy to chronicle our days and save snapshots and anecdotes. But there’s another, more permanent thing some parents do: tattoos! Tattoos are fairly normalized now. I know more people who have them than don’t. And we’re seeing more and more parents with tattoos of their kids. Some go with names, dates, or other symbolic tats. Some go full-on face, and the realism is insane. As you’ll see from the pictures we found, the artistry that goes into all of them is AMAZING. What better way to memorialize your kids than with a permanent spot on your arm? Check out these awesome pictures of parents with tattoos of their kids. And start looking for a good artist!

When you’re looking for a tattoo artist for this type of tattoo, it’s important to shop around. You want someone with a really good reputation, a clean studio to work out of, and lots of experience doing portraits. Portrait tattoos are a very specific talent, and while the guy or gal who did your floral piece might have rocked it, that doesn’t mean they’d be able to do the same with a picture of your kid’s face. Do your research, so you end up with a stunning tattoo that you’ll treasure forever.

The exact time his life changed forever.

Image: Instagram / @aditya_panchu

We love the little footprint! Sometimes, you might want to memorialize the birth of your child in a less obvious way than with their photo. We seriously love the idea of the time (we’re assuming time of birth), date, and their little footprint. Because let’s be honest, is there anything cuter than a fresh new baby foot?! This piece was made a bit more ornate with the inclusion of the stopwatch, and the tattoo as a whole really works. This idea is great because you can really personalize it with whatever you want to make it mean more to you.

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