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Idiots Fake A Child Abduction, Try To Spin It Into A Good Deed On Their Stupid YouTube Page

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Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.21.33 PMTwo brothers who film pranks and stunts for their YouTube channel decided to stage and film a fake kidnapping in the name of “kidnapping awareness.” They scared the crap out of everyone enjoying a sunny day at the park by jumping out of a van with masks on, grabbing a young child, and driving off. Great idea, guys.

The video shows upset and frantic park goers running after the van. This was the worst idea, ever. From Today Moms:

When the group later returned to the park to say the stunt was part of “kidnapping awareness,” the park goers were furious.

“This is outrageous,” one woman yelled.

“How… would you feel if that happened to you?” another exclaimed.

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but witnessing something like that would wreck me emotionally. It would be really hard for me to rebound if someone just showed up and said, “Kidding!” I’m sure those onlookers were totally traumatized.

They posted the video of the stunt to their YouTube page and tried to spin it into some wayward public service announcement. Nice try. It just reads like a prank gone horribly wrong and two people scrambling to save face. They did post this apology:

We made this video to help prevent and to show how real an abduction can be. We are sorry to who ever was at the park and had to be apart of it, we needed real reactions and didn’t mean to harm anyone. We called the cops before hand to let them no what we were doing, unfortunately not all of them were notified. Don’t worry the little boy is in on it!

How can a masked man jumping out of a van and pretending to abduct a kid prevent kidnapping? I’ll tell you how – it can’t. This is just dumb. If anyone of those people at the park could have stopped it, I’m sure they would have.

Jason Holden, one of the brothers listed as the creators of TwinzTV, did not immediately respond to a request for comment or questions about the identity of the boy in the video. The Sequim Police Department also did not immediately respond to inquiries about the incident, though Police Chief Bill Dickinson toldthe Peninsula Daily News that “at least two people” were under investigation.

The chief also said these kinds of stunts and pranks are dangerous, and the twins risk getting shot from responding police or even the public who may be armed.

No kidding. I’m just left to wonder how the parent of this child was convinced to allow this? Unbelievable.

(photo: YouTube)