12 Signs Of An Amazing Dad

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Let’s be real. Long gone are the days where dads are seen as bumbling idiots who put diapers on backwards and burn formula in the microwave. Dads know what they’re doing. Dads put in just as much work as moms, in most cases. In short, dads are amazing.

In honor of Father’s Day and every other day of the year, here are 12 signs your kids have been blessed with an amazing dad:

1. He watches you give birth and isn’t squeamish. This is the first test of a truly awesome dad. My husband was kind enough to say that he still found me beautiful and sexy, even after he saw my butthole during labor.

2. He isn’t afraid of his newborn baby. Every single person is afraid of the fragile newborn. Every. Single. Person. And don’t let them tell you otherwise. Dads who learn to cradle and swaddle tiny babies while supporting their meager baby necks deserve a pat on the back.

3. He gets up in the middle of the night. No one likes to get up in the middle of the night with a screaming baby, but dads do it too. Bonus points if he warms up pumped breast milk or formula and lets you sleep.

4. He doesn’t shake your baby. This is not a joke—Shaken Baby Syndrome is a real concern. Any new parent can tell you how difficult it is to keep your cool when your baby is screaming its head off and can’t be soothed. Dads deserve credit for this too.

5. He researches on the Internet. It’s often said that men like to “fix” things. This certainly comes in handy when your husband spends the afternoon googling how to deal with a teething baby.

6. He doesn’t babysit. What I mean to say is, a true dad partner watches the kids all of the time anyway. He splits up childcare duties with you and doesn’t call it “babysitting.”

7. He changes dirty diapers. Any dad who plays by the “your turn” rule of the dirty diaper game is a hero. He’s clearly doing something right.

8. He lets you sleep in sometimes. If your husband lets you sleep in for a few hours, even when it isn’t Mother’s Day, he knows the way to your heart. God bless him.

9. He respects your decisions. Most parenting decisions are made together, but moms still need support when they just can’t take it anymore. If you decide to stop breastfeeding because of frustration, latching issues, or mastitis, thank your husband for backing you up and easing your mom guilt.

10. He’s mostly patient. No one is perfect, especially dads. Dads who remain calm in the eye of the storm, i.e. a screaming toddler tantrum that lasts for hours, should get an award.

11. He brags about your kids. Most modern parents try to keep bragging to a minimum because of nonstop Facebook abuse. But there’s something so adorable about a dad who can’t help himself when he shows friends, family, and the grocery store cashier pictures of his kids on his iPhone. Awww.

12. He makes you feel less alone. There’s nothing like a hands-on dad who understands everything you’re going through as a new mom. You can vent to him and tell him your insecurities, and he actually gets it. He’s a good dad.

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