“If I Ever See Him I Will Spit In His Face,” Adele Says About Father

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AdeleAdele may have cleaned up at this year’s Grammys and snagged a gorgeous Vogue cover. But the young singer has virtually no intention of making amends with her father, who split from Adele and her mother when she was just a baby. And it’s pretty easy to see her line of reasoning.

The talented young woman tells Vogue that she hasn’t had a relationship with her Welsh father in the last 10 years. She was raised by her single teenage mother, Penny. But Adele says that after professional success, she was considering having a relationship with her estranged father, Mark Evans. That is until he sold a story about her to The Sun, detailing his own shortcomings as a father and his love for his daughter.

Adele responded by telling Vogue:

“He’s fucking blown it. He will never hear from me again. Because there is nothing that would upset me more than my dad being bribed by the press. It’s like, Just let them run it, then. Don’t you give them ammunition.” She sighs and then heads back in, even more furious. “It makes me angry! To come back after ten years and be like, ‘Maybe her problem with men comes down to me.’ It’s like, Fuck off! How dare you comment on my life? It makes my blood boil. It makes my family feel awkward, it makes my friends feel awkward around me, it makes me act awkward, it makes me sad. There’s consequences other than just getting a bit a fuckin’ money that lasts you half a year. It blows my mind. ‘I love her so much’? Really? Why are you telling me that through a newspaper?” And then she says, “If I ever see him I will spit in his face”…

The 23-year-old certainly seems to have done well for herself without a father’s influence, as she is now the biggest-selling UK artist worldwide — even matching the selling record of Whitney Houston on the Billboard charts. MTV reports that Adele is even likely to break Houston’s record for The Bodyguard soundtrack.

She may have not been in the business long, but the singer can still detect the obvious: a father conveying his love for his daughter in such a opportunistic press narrative spells dollar signs more than compassion. Adele may be young, but the superstar and Grammy-winner certainly can identify profits when she sees them. Aside from an American Vogue cover, an armful of awards, and successful return following throat surgery, the singer also appears to have her head on straight.