Dads Are Not Exempt From Changing Baby Girls’ Diapers

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For the most part, I think we have all agreed to bust the myth that dads are fumbling, bumbling idiots who don’t know a frying pan from their elbow. But within the ranks of standup dads who embrace co-parenting, there are still a few dads trying to pull a fast one on us. These dads are attempting to shirk the most cumbersome of childrearing tasks under the guise of political correctness: changing their daughters’ diapers.

Now, I don’t have any daughters, so this is not a personal battle that was waged in my house. But I would not stand for what some moms are going through:

My dad, who had 5 kids (4 girls, 1 boy) will not change girl diapers because he doesn’t think it’s right for a guy to change them. I never knew this but now that I have nieces (5 nieces, no nephews *sad face) I asked him to change her diaper because my sister (her mom) wasn’t there and I had to get to my chem class, he would not do it because she was a girl. Later he said how he never changed our diapers and didn’t think guys (even the dad) should change girls’ diapers~ he also would never/will never bathe baby girls’

The reason I ask this is because  my MIL and SIL came over last night and since I am pregnant with my first child (daughter) they were wondering how I felt about DH changing her diapers.  I thought it was a dumb question since he is her father.  I pretty much said that too.  They talked about how SOME people think it is inappropriate for a man to change a girls diaper.  I told them I agreed with that statement if it was someone other than her BF.  I reminded them that when SD’s mom and DH broke up, he had her full time from age 4 to 6 and had to bathe her and change her and that it was ok because he is her father.  And If anyone thought there was some  kind of inappropriateness about that, they have issues.  My SIL kinda got upset with my answer but thats how I feel.

So my husband and I are expecting our first LO in 3 weeks and it is going to be a girl.  Recently he came home from work with the pearl of wisdom from a coworker who said that he shouldnt have to change diapers since it’s a girl and he should not be looking “down there”.  This coworker is the father of a 6 month old girl and is a young guy who isnt even a father-type, he lives alone, almost never sees his daughter and has multiple girlfriends.  My husband and I are in a typical loving and happy relationship and our daughter has two parents who are mature and will take care of her.

To this I say a big mothafuggin BOOOOO. I have heard this discussed amongst parents of daughters in my social circle, and most moms laugh and say this would never fly in their house. Private parts don’t dictate who does diaper duty. If that was the case, then my husband would be the one to change every single one of my sons’ diapers. I certainly would benefit from that logic.

Dads are equal partners in today’s society. Fathers should not be afraid to take on any and all parenting tasks, no matter how unpleasant, and I truly believe most are gung-ho about it. But this strange father-daughter myth has got to stop. Changing a baby’s diaper, whether a boy or a girl, is perfectly fine for both parents to do. Fathers of daughters, nice try—but that dirty diaper has your name on it.

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