TGI Friday Open Thread: Are You Guys Seriously Washing Cloth Diapers?

1shutterstock_70042510__1374247918_74.134.205.46Confession! I never used cloth diapers because I’m a terrible person and I probably pretty much destroyed the planet and if I could go into the Waybackâ„¢ machine I would use cloth and also a lovely service who would launder the diapers for me. Maybe we need an open thread on what we would do differently if we could all go into the Waybackâ„¢ (I’m looking at you third vodka tonic I had last week.) SO anyway, what are all of your babies defectating in? Cloth or disposable? Got any favorite brands? Did you also only buy Pampers like me because that commercial with the baby animals and Rod Stewart‘s cover of Forever Young made you cry?
[youtube_iframe id=”GNGZA5ZHQk4″]

How old were your kids when you busted out the potty chair for them? I seriously bought a stupid potty chair that played MUSIC. My kids never used it. I have shame about this. So let’s discuss diapers and techniques and also, do you hate the Diaper Genie as much as I do because I was too stupid to figure out how to change it? I’m sure it technically rocks but I did not graduate from MIT so I had no clue how to change that shizz.

Diapers and diapering: GO GO GO!

(Photo: Michael Pettigrew/shutterstock)

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