‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Jeremy Calvert Bought His 4-Year Old a Gun for Christmas

Well, this is certainly an interesting and controversial Christmas gift. Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert bought his 4-year old daughter a rifle for Christmas. In pictures posted on his Instagram account, Jeremy boasts about his baby doll’s first gun, and tagged the NRA. Jeremy shares custody of 4-year old Adalynn with his ex Leah Calvert.

The Teen Mom 2 dad shared the pictures of Adalynn posing with the rifle. She’s … 4, so it’s nearly as long as she is.


“My baby dolls <sic> 1st 22 cal crickett…… and yes @leahdawn92mtv is aware of this….. ” Jeremy then goes on to tag the NRA, NRATV, and NRA Women. He added “gun safety 100%”, and then a few hashtags like #daddiescountrygirl. At least he mentioned gun safety?

Commenters were split pretty evenly between thinking a rifle is an appropriate gift for a 4-year old, and being absolutely horrified that someone would think to buy a 4-year old a rifle.

teen mom 2

teen mom 2
Image: Instagram/@realjeremycalvertmtv

Nearly 1300 kids died from gun violence each year between 2012-2014. In 2017, there were at least 275 unintentional or accidental shootings by children.

Guns are woven into the fabric of this country, whether we like it or not. But gun safety is still woefully lacking. Children find and discharge firearms in their homes every 34 hours, on average. Parents are left distraught. Lives are taken or irrevocably changed. It happens everyday. And then again.


Toys are not guns. They shouldn’t be made to look like toys. And they shouldn’t be treated like toys.

Plenty of parents buy guns for their kids. In many parts of the country, learning to shoot is as normal as learning to walk, and usually happens around the same time. We sincerely hope that gun safety is the #1 priority for Jeremy and Leah, for the sake and safety of their children, and for their own safety.

(Image: Facebook/Styleveryday)

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