Hilarious Husband Pranks Wife With Creepy Clown Photos Over Her Car’s Back-Up Camera

Cars with back-up cameras are the greatest invention. I don’t know how I ever drove without 365-degree views of my entire car at all times. (Honestly, I just dented my car a whole lot.) Back-up cameras are great for driving, and it turns out they also have a ton of untapped potential for playing pranks on people. Now one dude is going viral for pranking the hell out of his wife by taping scary pictures over her car’s back-up camera, and the results are hilarious.

Bobby Wesson told Scary Mommy that he got the idea for the prank when he left a toy dinosaur on the back bumper and forgot about it. When he turned on the car later to back up, the dinosaur looked huge. The prank potential of the back-up camera was immediately clear.

”We had just seen IT and Rayena was super scared of clowns and such for a few days so I printed out a pic of the new Pennywise and thought I’d just stick it back there before she left for work,” he said.

When his wife turned on the car to leave for work, this is what she saw:

Clown prank
Facebook/Bobby Wesson

The “Check surroundings for safety” makes this so much funnier, too.

Wesson’s wife immediately knew who was behind this.

Facebook/Bobby Wesson

With a prank that good, you can’t stop at just one, either.

Wesson had a whole series of photos ready to go. To make this work, he had to build a little stand for the photos out of Popsicle sticks and tape.

Wesson is an evil prank genius, because he knew that his wife would be more likely to expect the pranks if the car was parked at her house. So instead he actually drove to her place of work–she’s a trauma nurse–and put the scary clown in front of the camera while she was working. Then she discovered it when she turned on the car to drive home.

clown prank
Facebook/Bobby Wesson
Facebook/Bobby Wesson

Then it kept going. Wesson has an endless supply of photos to startle her with. He even got her with Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. 

Facebook / Bobby Wesson

Harry looks pretty freaky that close up, doesn’t he?

The prank war might be over for now, because Wesson’s wife has been surprised too many times to fall for it again. Wesson says she still circles the car to check for his Popsicle rig before getting in. He got a couple cute ones in before she was entirely wise to him, though.

Facebook/Bobby Wesson


This really is a great idea for a prank. I have a back-up camera and a husband, and I am positively itching to try it out myself. My husband is a more nervous person than Wesson’s wife, and I don’t think he likes pranks as much as she does. I should probably skip right ahead to the cute notes part of the programming if I intend to stay married very long.

(Photo: Facebook / Bobby Wesson)

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