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Cat Unbelievably Stops Dog Attack On Four-Year-Old Boy, Validates Cat Lovers Everywhere

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If you haven’t seen this surveillance video of a house cat warding off a dog attack on a four-year-old boy on a bicycle, you have to stop and watch it. Watch it right now. I’m not normally one to rave about random viral videos, but I have truly never seen anything like this, and I don’t even like cats.

Four-year-old Jeremy was at home playing on his bicycle after school; news reports say that he also has mild autism. The dog attack occurred when an eight-month-old Labrador/chow mix that belonged to a neighbor ran into the driveway and bit Jeremy’s leg.

The surveillance video posted to YouTube caught footage of the nasty attack in Bakersfield, California:

[youtube_iframe id=”C-Opm9b2WDk”]

The cat, named Tara, belongs to the family, and the dog is the pet of a neighbor, KERO-TV reports.

The boy’s mother, Erica Triantafilo, told KERO-TV in Bakersfield, Calif., that her son needed a few stitches but is doing fine.

I am so happy this video turned out well because the initial dog attack turned my stomach. We have talked time and again here on Mommyish about responsibility with young children around pets. You are certainly never supposed to leave a baby or young child alone with a pet, especially a large dog. But in this case, the dog belonged to a neighbor and came out of nowhere to attack a child innocently playing on his driveway.

Thank God for that cat. Even though the only cat I have any kind of affection for is Grumpy Cat, especially after seeing his live sourpuss face on American Idol, I have to hand it to the cat lovers on this one. Cat lovers always get all kinds of shit because people claim cats are not as loyal, loving, and dependent as dogs. Looks like cat lovers get the last laugh—this family’s cat was fiercely loyal and potentially saved the boy’s life.