Doctor Accused Of Sexting During C-Sections Should Be Publicly Shamed

doctor-sexts-during-surgeryI had absolutely no idea it was okay for doctors to bring their cell phones into the OR. Well, I guess everyone always has their cell phones on them these days, but actually texting while in surgery? It happened. And they weren’t just texts, they were sexy, sexy sexts.

A Seattle doctor has been suspended amid accusations that he sent sext messages during surgery. There are allegations that he sent 45 dirty messages during a single operation. What the hell? Okay, weirdo. Nothing says “sexy time” like a woman exiting another human from her body via a giant gaping hole in her abdomen. Good God. From ABC:

Arthur Zilberstein‘s license was yanked for his “lack of focus” and allegedly putting patients at risk while he worked as an anesthesiologist during surgeries, including cesarean deliveries, labor epidurals, an appendectomy and more, according to a Washington state medical board’s statement of charges.

And he’s an anesthesiologist. No big. Just the person whose required to stick a needle into a very precise point in your spine. I can attest after two c-sections that the moment that you have to remain completely still while a needle goes into your spine is completely horrifying. Good to know this dude was probably rushing to get his sext on. One of his texts actually read, “I’m hella busy with C sections.” I so wish I was kidding.

Zilberstein was also accused of “sending x-rated selfies, wearing his hospital scrubs and badge with his genitals exposed.” He texted that he was almost caught once: “Oh. And my partner walked in as I was pulling up my scrubs. I’m pretty sure he caught me.”

The doctor sent multiple sex-related messages to the same woman, a patient, and invited her to visit the hospital for sex, telling her she could park in the doctor’s lot to avoid paying for parking, according to the accusations.

The pair allegedly arranged to meet in the doctor’s lounge or hospital call room for sexual encounters.

Zilberstein obtained the unnamed woman’s medical records “not for medical purposes, but in order to view images of the patient for his own sexual gratification,” the statement said.

He also prescribed drugs without keeping medical records, officials said.

“Hey! I’m busy sticking a needle into someone’s spine, but if you come screw me in the doctor’s lounge, you won’t have to pay for parking! Lol. YOLO!” I should not be using quotes here. I totally made that up. But I bet that’s one of them.

People are people – and everyone has their thing and wants to sext and have some fun. But seriously? This guy should have his right to practice medicine taken away. He’s proven that he has zero judgement.

(photo: igor.stevanovic/ Shutterstock)

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