Maryland Gun Nut Shoots Little Girl’s Dog Before Bragging About It On Facebook


kenny woodburnMaryland resident, gun nut enthusiast and epic douche bag Kenny Woodburn allegedly shot a little girl’s 1-year-old Labrador-pittbull mix dog, Tank, to death after it wandered into his yard. Beforehand he took to Facebook to post a warning that the dog would be killed if it happened again, writing “Hey going to dye today [sic], and then again afterwards to brag about shooting the dog. As you can see, Woodburn is a man of class and grace. Now thousands of folks from all over the world have signed a petition asking for Woodburn to be punished for his actions.

Earlier this month,Tank’s owner, 21-year-old  Richele Ince was on her way home from work when a relative called her to say that the animal has managed to get loose. Before Ince had a chance to get home and take care of the situation, Woodburn allegedly shot the dog and took to Facebook again to brag about it. Woodburn also took photos of himself with the dogs dead body and posted them online. They have since been taken down, but screenshots exist. No, we won’t be posting those here.

Woodburn claims that the dog, who never had any issues with aggression before, attacked him and forced him to shoot. Which is funny, considering his earlier threat against the dog and the fact that Woodburn didn’t bother to complain to Ince the first time Tank came on his land. Methinks Woodburn is just a gun happy nut who saw a chance to kill a dog and get away with it. A quick glance on the guy’s social media accounts paint a pretty obvious picture of a man obsessed with all things gun and hunting related. Obviously not every gun enthusiast is a kill-machine, but I think there is a big difference between Woodburn’s brand of gun nut and your typical gun owner.

Now, I know a few people are going to defend this piece of human filth because the dog shouldn’t have been on his property. Of course the dog shouldn’t have been there. But that doesn’t change the fact that this was an over-reaction at best, and cruelty at worst. According to the petition page, Woodburn will be charged in St. Mary’s County with animal cruelty charges, which are a felony offense in Maryland.

(Photo: Facebook)

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