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Doctors Make Dubious Claim That New Mom’s Missing Baby Was A ‘Psychological Pregnancy’

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As if there aren’t enough things in the world to be terrified of, a woman in Brazil is claiming that doctors either stole or disposed of her baby after performing a c-section due to the child being in the breech position. The doctors are claiming that she imagined the pregnancy, but seeing as her husband attended multiple prenatal appointments, they physically saw the ultrasound and were even told the sex, I think that is highly unlikely.

Claudia Aparecida Lopes, a 30-year-old mom of two before this pregnancy, claims that she woke up from the cesarean procedure, hoping to see her newborn son, and was told she had a “psychological pregnancy.” Her husband, Alexandro Donizete Alves, quickly reported the incident to police:

“My wife did a pregnancy test at the chemist and it was positive. So we made a doctor’s appointment, and he confirmed the pregnancy, even telling us it was a boy. We paid for prenatal treatment and even went for ultrasound scans.During one of the two scans the doctor told us the birth couldn’t be natural because the child was sitting down, and it needed to be a caesarean.”

Lopes reportedly went in for the c-section earlier this week, and that no mention of a possible “imagined” pregnancy was ever brought up until after the procedure. YUP, something seems fishy about this scenario. Lopes and her husband weren’t the only two people invested in this pregnancy enough to know whether it was real or not. Alves own mother was also at the hospital when the “new” came. According to Alves:

“My wife had a huge cut across her belly and they simply told us that there wasn’t a baby after all, it was all psychological. That’s when I called the police and registered the occurrence.”

The doctor, Jose Tomaz de Olveira, reportedly had a visit with Lopes at the end of December and even prescribed prenatal vitamins to the mom-to-be. Nothing about this story makes any sense. Alves goes on to say:

“If the pregnancy was psychological, how come he accompanied the whole pregnancy. If it’s true, then I must have psychological problems too, because I saw the child on the ultrasound and so did he. I need to know if my son was in there, and what happened to him. I was the father and I have this right. Caesarean is a serious thing and you can’t go opening up a person without knowing for sure.The bedroom was all decorated ready for the baby to arrive, then we’re told he never existed at all. No-one can believe this is happening.”

Dr Oliveira told reporters that he had only seen Lopes two times and hadn’t personally done the ultrasound scans.Apparently the hospital records are being looked at by police, and he refused to comment further. According to various Brazilian news sites, this is just one of numerous similar stories that have been reported on in recent weeks. *Shudder*

Alves doesn’t know if this is a case of malpractice and a cover up, or something even more sinister, such as an abduction Right now I’m sure he just wants to know what happened to his son.