Stop Trying To Romanticize Breastfeeding

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Pictures of mothers breastfeeding infants are considered distasteful by some. Photos of older children being breastfed cause even more controversy. But before photographers and moms get their nursing bras in a twist over backlash, maybe they should consider that it’s the message behind the image that’s the problem, not the depiction itself.

Blogger Mama Bean recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about a photo on her Facebook page that created some friction in the comments. The photo was submitted by a reader who had the picture of her and her daughter taken by a professional photographer. Here’s the image:

As anyone who’s read anything about breastfeeding an older child could predict, the photo received the usual comments- most declared it beautiful, some claimed they were supportive of breastfeeding but felt this child was too old for it, and a few reacted with disgust. Same story, different boobs.

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