Amazing Mom Bites Vicious Dog To Stop It From Attacking Her Baby

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Toddler Survives Pitbull Attack I love stories about parents who turn into epic superheroes when their kids are in danger or something horrible happens, which is exactly what went down when little  Mackenzi Camp was viciously attacked by a pitbull last month inside the family’s apartment. Mackenzie, who is two, was hanging out when her mom’s boyfriend’s pitbull attacked her and started biting her.

Now, I know some of you will be all Why do you have to mention the breed of the dog this same exact thing could have happened with a pomeranian or a labrador or a squirrel!!!111!! Pitbulls are helpless kittens! Which, in my opinion, is a bunch of baloney because if this happened with another breed I would have mentioned that breed too. The reason we hear about pitbulls eating people? Because they have a lot of strength and a high prey drive and of you don’t like it, too bad. Facts are facts. So this pitbull , according to what the mom said, smelled another dog on little Mackenzi and attacked her and mom sprung into action – she bit the ear off of the pitbull and shoved her firsts into its mouth to fight it off her daughter. 

The mom frantically called 911 and when law enforcement arrived they shot the dog. And the dog, which sort of illustrates how strong pitbulls are, did not die and was euthanized later. Two-year-old Mackenzie Camp was left with severe head and facial injuries and her mom suffered injuries to her arms and hands.

This mom is something else. I would have been terrified. Here’s hoping her and her beautiful daughter continue to heal.


(Image: KHOU video)