10 Embarrassing Cookie Fails We Can All Mock On This Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

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pinterest-cookie-failsToday is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, in case you didn’t know. I’m on board with the idea of Chocolate Chip Cookie Day because a) cookies and b) cookies. I don’t really need a special occasion to eat chocolate chip cookies but I will go ahead and take one anyway. Today, I will make cookies the way my family has been doing it for years: by cheating with pre-made refrigerated cookie dough.

Despite the fact that chocolate chip cookies are by far the most superior kind of cookie out there, the fools on Pinterest have been attempting to improve upon their infallible deliciousness in multiple ways, angering the cookie gods and bringing their wrath down upon themselves. To make myself feel better about being a sub-par baker with my pre-made dough, I like to go onto Pinterest and find people who suck as bad or worse at cookie making than I do. Of course, in reality these are my people. We all belong to the same tribe of sucky cookie bakers.

1. Mmmm, plastic.

2. From “spider cookies” to “cat anus”.

3. Cookies. Not even once.

4. The “cookie bowl” pin is a pack of dirty lies.

5. Stop trying to make the waffle iron into a utilitarian cooking tool.

6. Yeah, I’d eat this anyway.

7. This, too.

8. To make cookies this shade of pink, the only ingredient you need is Photoshop.

9. Roid horse is not amused.

10. This is what you get for cheating on chocolate chip cookies with sugar cookies.