A Dad Baked Up Some Meth Laced Cookies In Hopes It Would Gain Him Child Custody

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Dad Served Kids Meth Cookies In Custody Battle My ex-husband and I are excellent co-parents. We have a great relationship, can make joint decisions together and consider each other friends. He has never offered me some freshly baked cookies, but I am pretty positive that if he did, they would not be laced with meth. But that is exactly what this one guy did in hopes it would screw up his ex-wife’s drug test results, and the worst part is that he ended up drugging his two little kids in the process. From

Filing charges Friday, King County prosecutors contend Chad M. Holm gave the cranked-up cookies to his 5- and 7-year-old sons before forging a drug test result to obscure his own meth use. Both children subsequently tested positive for meth.

Holm, 37, and the woman had been married and using methamphetamine together for several years before they split up in April 2011, a Des Moines detective told the court. Since then, they’ve been fighting over access to their children, who were placed with Holm while his ex-wife underwent voluntary drug treatment.

The children’s mother had been clean for nearly a year in September, when she failed a drug test. Concerned about the positive result, the woman recalled a pair of unappetizing cookies she’d eaten with her children the day before.

The woman claimed that when she picked up the kids from Holm’s home (How that’s for a tongue-twister?) they offered her some pink frosted cookies to share. When the woman took a bite, she was unable to finish it because it “tasted terrible.”

On a subsequent drug test, the 5-year-old tested positive for meth, the Des Moines detective continued. The woman suspected Holm or his girlfriend were trying to sabotage her prefect drug test record before an upcoming child custody trial.

Lab tests on leftover frosting confirmed the presence of methamphetamine on the cookies, the Des Moines detective continued. Both children also tested positive for methamphetamine.

Holn denied baking up the meth laces treats, denied using or possessing meth, and claimed the reason why a recent drug test he took came out positive was because the lab mixed up the results. No one has been charged with drugging the boys.

I’m not a detective, but I would assume that if the boys left their dad’s house with some meth cookies and subsequently tested positive for meth and the dad has been known to forge drug result tests than there is a slight chance that mayhaps the meth cookies came from dad. This is just a guess here, and as I said, I am not a detective but I do bake cookies and I also have experience eating cookies and once I had to take a Benadryl without water, you know, just by dry swallowing and it tasted awful and because allergy medications are used in the production of meth I’m going to assume that the secret ingredient in those cookies may have been meth.

Which is not delicious at all.

I’ll be over here waiting by my phone in case the CSI TV show wants to call and hire me as a consultant.