Disney Just Made it Easier to Give Disneyland Vacations as Gifts

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When friends and relatives are planning holiday gifts, they come up with a lot of stupid ideas. (If you give a trampoline to a family that lives in a small apartment, you are the problem.) But a Disney vacation, or part of one, could be a really, really good gift. A lot of kids want to go, and a lot of adults think of the Disney vacation as a “must do” childhood experience. But they’re really expensive. Now Disney just went to the top of a lot of people’s holiday gift lists, because the company just made it a whole lot easier to give (and get) Disney vacations as gifts.

According to The Daily Meal, Disney just launched a new website designed to let people buy Disney vacations as gifts. The timing is not at all a coincidence, either, because gift-buying season is just about to start. The time to start hinting is now.

A Disney vacation is a pretty spectacular present

Disney’s new site is at, which is obvious enough even great grandma can find it. (Either that or great grandma is going to find some really weird porn by accident.) The site lets people buy tickets to parks or special events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Star Wars Galactic Nights, and Disney After Hours. They can also send people on cruises, or on spa trips.

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