8 Disney Movie Scenes I Refuse To Show My Daughter

I can’t lie, we’re a Disney family. From the very beginning, my daughter and I could cuddle up and watch The Jungle Book or The Sword and The Stone at absolutely any time. There’s just something so wholesome and sweet about Disney. I may not love the Disney merchandising machine, but I will always be a fan of the movies themselves. Our collection is pretty substantial.

That doesn’t mean that my daughter has seen every scene in every Disney movie. There are actually a few that she’s missed out on, and will probably continue to miss until she’s a bit older. Call me overprotective if you must, but there are some Disney scenes that I just don’t think we’re ready for.

I realize that Maleficent, as the fiery dragon, is a huge and important part of Sleeping Beauty. I’m not arguing that the movie should have been done differently. I just choose not to let me daughter see the more terrifying aspects of fire and brimstone. She’s four, after all. She’s just not ready for it. And she’s not the only villain that I censor.

I have a whole list of Disney most traumatizing scenes that my little girl never sees. Someday, these movies might take on a whole new meaning for her. But I can’t be the only one. I ¬†know you guys skip through the tear-inducing parts, right? Are there any upsetting scenes that I missed?


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