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Mom Legally Changes Her Name From ‘Sheila’ To ‘Sexy’ In Case You Needed A Baby Name Idea

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Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 5.43.35 AMI think it’s awesome this mom from Pataskala changed her name from Sheila to SEXY because she felt like her birth name didn’t suit her at all. She claimed that Sheila was a really ugly name and she hated it, and that Sexy suited her better because according to the Columbus Dispatch: “I feel like I’m a free-spirited person, I love to have fun, and this is the last piece to make my life complete,” she said. She added “I wear Victoria’s Secret clothes all the time. I was like, Shoot, I’ll just go for Sexy.”

If this wasn’t a mom and was an adult film star no one would care, but as you can guess, lots of Internet weirdos are making their opinion on the name change known:

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This is such a dumb thing to even have an opinion on, because how does what someone changes their name to affect anyone, except her immediate family? WHO CARES? I’m more concerned with that fact according to  The NY Daily News, $exy (I’m going to spell it with a dollar sign from now on) who has the last name ‘Crabtree’ had sort of a sad sounding celebration afterwards: Crabtree and her husband went to Logan’s Roadhouse to celebrate. When their two daughters got home from school, they enjoyed some quality family time together playing cards and planned to watch a movie.

Going to a chain steakhouse and renting a DVD is not a sexy party Sexy!

I think we all deserve sexy names, so here is a um, adult film name generator for all of us to rename ourselves with.

(Image: Columbus dispatch video)