Beyonce and Jay-Z Have Trademarked ‘Blue Ivy’ So That They Can Sell Us Stuff

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file beyonce 080112New parents Beyonce and Jay-Z may have yet to publicly debut their new baby girl Blue Ivy, but goodness does it look like they’re planning to. Mommyish readers may have already called this one when they said that the power couple would most likely debut their daughter’s face on a promotional campaign. So it probably doesn’t come as a shock at all that the singers have officially trademarked the name “Blue Ivy.”

The Washington Post reports that the couple filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with their daughter’s name in late January. It also looks as though the Carters got to cut that long line for trademarking too because the process generally takes months. But if you’re Beyonce and Jay-Z, not only can you hypothetically prevent other parents from seeing their newborns, you can also get a trademark handled pretty quickly. However, it also looks like Blue Ivy’s application was considered quickly not necessarily because her parents are superstars, but because the trademark team follows the news and anticipates trending in patents.

The office already had to deny one fashion designer who attempted to trademark “Blue Ivy NYC” just four days after the little baby girl was born.  So given the alternative, it seems most celebrity parents would do the same given how a high profile birth often attracts everyone looking to make a dime off that million dollar baby. But you can best bet that if Bey and Jay-Z are preventing others from profiting off their daughter, that doesn’t exclude their own propensity.

Beyonce announced a maternity line shortly after her pregnancy. Jay-Z debuted a song following Blue Ivy’s birth. But they could only be getting started when it comes to the marketing and exploitation of this baby. Perhaps a “Blue Ivy” line is in the not so distant future of The Deréon Girls collection?

(photo: WENN)