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Let’s All Hypothesize About Why This Is The Guiltiest-Looking Woman We’ve Ever Seen

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ESPN aired a video clip from Ohio State’s Sugar Bowl win yesterday that contains the guiltiest looking person you have ever seen in your life. Not kidding. I’m so captivated by this video. Seriously, what is happening here?

A Vine user who goes by djsourmilk made a video of the snippet, as pointed out by Gawker. Here it is:

“When you’re at the game with your side dude and realize you’re on TV.” It’s kind of hard not to go there, since she looks like the cat that ate the canary. I can’t stop watching it. This girl should never, ever play poker. Or attempt to lie under oath. Or act. Or play Balderdash.


We are fiercely debating this in the Mommyish cyber-office today. I have to go with she’s either cheating on her boyfriend or this dude whose neck she likes has a girlfriend. Megan thinks “she has a monster crush on him and has never touched him like that before and just went with it and didn’t realize and now it’s seven shades of awkward.” Valerie thinks she might be high. Liz thinks she told her boss she was out sick.

Basically, Big Brother is everywhere ruining lives and making it impossible to be sneaky. I just can’t stop watching this. Why am I so captivated by this? Every time I watch it I see something new. Why does Mr. Scratchy Head look pissed? Why is the guy behind her freaking out? Did the guy next to her just spit something on to the floor? I need to pay more attention to random crowds of people when I go out because this is really fascinating.

What’s your theory?