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10 Of The Worst Things People Say When You’re Expecting Again

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Finding out we were pregnant again was quite a shock for us. The idea that another baby was coming along took some getting used to. By the time I shared my news, I was comfortable with the situation and pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Until people started commenting on it. People say some of the strangest things to you when you are expecting again. They can really unintentionally freak you out.

1. Great! Now maybe you’ll get a girl!

This is the weirdest thing to say to someone.

2. Great! Now maybe you’ll get a boy!

Again, implying kids are better in “sets” is strange.

3. Good luck! It’s so much harder.

Thanks for the pep talk.

4. How are you going to afford that?

I’m always amazed at how nosy people can be.

5. Oh my god! You just lost the weight from the first baby.

Probably only your mother will say this.

6. Was this planned?

How is that any of your business?

7. My friend’s son hated his baby sister.

Thanks for bringing that up – I’m not having enough anxiety about it on my own.

8. Now you’re really not going to have any time to yourself.

Ha! I already have none – so, in your face!

9. Wow. Two full college tuitions. That’s intense.

Thanks for reminding me how screwed I am.

10. You thought being pregnant was hard the first time? Wait until you are nine months pregnant with a toddler!

I’m going to go cry now.