You Can Now Get Your Boyfriend’s Face 3D-Printed on a Sex Toy This Christmas

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If you’re looking for just the right personalized Christmas present for your partner – or yourself – one Swedish company called Wobbling Willy has just what you’re looking for. This one-of-a-kind gift is so unique it will put all other custom gifts to shame, while also spicing things up in the bedroom.

Have you ever wanted a customized 3D model of your partner’s face on a dildo? Then the Wobbling Willy is just for you! This unique sex toy is not only fully functional but just what you need if you are missing your BAE.

The Swedish firm that created The Wobbling Willy describes the toy as a dildo “with a twist”.  The company will take photos of your chosen head – the front, back, and sides to be exact – and sculpt an exact replica for you to attach to the toy. What’s more, you can even customize the head’s skin, eye, and hair color to your exact specifications. There is even an option for “additional information” if you want to get really specific. claims that this toy is perfect for anyone in a long distance relationship who is missing the comforting touch of their loved one.

Wobbling Willy Customizable Dildo


However, Daily Mail also suggests that this could make a great gift for an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or as a gift to yourself – the options are unlimited.

The toys are made from clay and silicone, like many of the other products on the market. They cost about $99 and can be shipped discreetly to your house for an additional $16. This is probably not a package you want to have delivered to your office.

Remember, these heads are customizable, so they are perfect for creating that secret lover, celebrity crush, or even just the face of your ideal partner. The company welcomes customer feedback during the sculpting process, so you are guaranteed to get the perfect likeness.

“You might think that Sweden is famous for naked girls, wild sex and polar bears in the streets,” the website says. “Yes, we are also well known for our design.”

What do you think of this take on Swedish design? Would you indulge in this customizable toy?

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