3-Year-Old Girl Drowns in Grease Pit at Ice Cream Store

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A sudden accident turned into an unimaginable tragedy at an ice cream shop in Alabama this week. A little girl was having ice cream with her family when somehow she fell into a grease pit behind the restaurant and drowned.

According to The Daily Meal, three-year-old Sadie Grace Andrews was at a Bruster’s ice cream store in Auburn, Alabama, with her parents and her five siblings just after noon on Saturday, October 14.

The three-year-old girl fell into an unsecured grease pit.

Surveillance video from around the shop shows the little girl stepped onto the unsecured lid of the grease pit. The grease pit was only about two feet in diameter, and six feet deep. But when she stepped on the lid, it flipped up and she fell in. The lid fell back down in place, upside-down. The coroner said her father had just looked away for a second, and when he turned around it was as though she had vanished.

The family reportedly called police as soon as they realized they couldn’t see her. By the time police arrived, they’d already found her in the grease pit and were doing CPR.

“Immediately when they didn’t see her playing, the family called police to say she was missing and by the time police got there, her family had already found her and started CPR,” the coroner said. “She was only missing about 5 to 10 minutes but by the time her dad found her in the pit, she was unresponsive.”

She died in the emergency room.

The owners of that Bruster’s store say the family were regulars and they knew them.

“We are truly heartbroken that this happened,” they wrote on the store’s Facebook page. “Our thoughts also are with our young crewmember who tried to revive the child. Like all of us, he is quite shaken.”

Bruster’s corporate office were horrified by the tragedy. The company says it is investigating the accident to figure out how this could have happened. They told all franchisees to check their grease pits and make sure they are secured and safe.

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