Scientists Want to Ban Glitter and That Sound You Hear Is All Parents Rejoicing

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Glitter is awful. I know it’s cute and can make some killer makeup looks, but the second you have children, glitter takes on a whole new view. It’s no longer the one thing you need to make your eyes pop for a night out. Or something a little extra in that throw pillow you want for your couch. Nope, it’s the evil shit your kids insist on using in their crafts that becomes impossible to clean up. Before you know it, you have glitter carpet, glitter hardwood, and a broken vacuum from trying to clean it all out. Well, we have some good news, potentially. Scientists are calling to ban glitter and while it’s not because we’re all annoyed AF, it’s still good news.

So if scientists aren’t concerned about our sanity and that’s not the reason they’re pushing for a glitter ban, what is?

Oh, it’s totally crap for the environment apparently. Glitter is known as a “microplastic” which means it’s a plastic that’s less than 5mm in length, and this poses a serious risk to the environment and animals. According to Dr, Trisia Farrelly, from New Zealand’s Massey University, “I was quite concerned when somebody bought my daughters some shower gel that had glitter particles in it. That stuff is going to escape down the plughole and potentially enter the environment … I think all glitter should be banned, because it’s microplastic.”

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According to The Independent, most glitter is made up of plastic called PET and aluminum and it’s in more than just the stuff we use for crafts and parties. The glitter we have in our makeup is an issue for the environment, too. Not only that, but PET plastic is linked to issues for both humans and animals because when it breaks down, it can release chemicals that disrupt hormones.

Oh my…


This seems like it’s going to be the best of both worlds though: We’re helping the environment and animals which feels good and is totally important. And at the same time, we’re getting rid of (or at least cutting down) on the amount of annoying glitter mishaps. Now we have an excuse to tell our kids when they beg and cry to use glitter on their craft or to buy the birthday card that you can fill with glitter and pops out at your face.

Looking at social media, people hate glitter…



So we applaud you smart scientists who are working to make the world a better place and a glitter ban is A-OK in our books.

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