A Former Bachelor in Paradise Star Isn’t Surprised by the Latest Drama

When production was stopped last week on Bachelor in Paradise ”” a reality TV spin-off of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette where former contestants live together at a fancy resort for another romantic competition ”” rumors swirled as to why. Now, as the two cast members at the center of the controversy have broken their silence, another former contestant on the show is speaking out.

AshLee Frazier, who was in the 17th edition of The Bachelor and the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, told Vulture that she isn’t surprised by the allegations of misconduct around Bachelor in Paradise. Frazier said that the producers of the show are constantly pulling strings behind the scenes. “I can tell you what I’ve seen happen in my season, and it goes like this: ”Hey! Someone’s at the bar, he’s sitting by himself! Why don’t you go over there and, you know, give him a little peck or something? You know! Give him a little love and attention!” And I can see that being ”” when someone’s drinking, and they’re really young and easily swayed ”” the sort of thing that someone would want to do to make the producer happy.”

Fraizer said that drinking is highly encouraged, and that even the crew will drink with the contestants to help them let their guard down. “Iit kind of puts you in a safe zone, and it’s like, Okay, well, this person is working and if they’re drinking then, all right, sure. And then you feel they bond with you, these producers and these handlers, so you think that they’re your friends,” she said.

She also emphasized how good the producers are at their job. “They know how to get you in as their friend, use you, and then drop you off at the end of the day. That was really surprising to me. I honestly ”” and I’m a good judge of character ”” believed these people were my friends.”

As for the current Bachelor in Paradise scandal, Fraizer isn’t surprised. “I definitely wasn’t surprised that it could happen but it’s kind of disappointing that it’s happening. With alcohol involved, and you have other people watching over the cast members, it just seems they need to be watched a little more carefully, particularly in this situation.

Fraizer also thinks there’s more to the story than what’s been reported. “Morally and ethically, the show had a responsibility if a producer is complaining about something they’ve seen or heard. The show has an obligation to protect this cast member. Whether it happened or not, it’s more about ethical obligation to stop filming and to do an investigation. If a producer is complaining, that’s a big deal, and if they’re threatening to file a misconduct claim, there’s something else going on there. If one or two people on the producing side of things sees or hears something they don’t think is right, the show has to step in and make sure the cast members are okay, which they did.”

This whole thing gets more and more complicated every day.

(Image: ABC / Bachelor in Paradise)

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