Everyone Is Obsessed with This Mom’s Fantastic Diaper Bag Hack

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What does your diaper bag look like? Mine kind of stretches the definition of the word “bag.” It just grew and grew and now it’s less a diaper bag and more “there are probably wipes and diapers and spare clothes under the stroller and in the back of the car.” I am much, much less organized than artist Elizabeth Rasco from The Painted Dragon, whose diaper bag hack is going viral for basically tucking everything a person might need into a single box of Huggies wipes.

Rasco used an elastic headband to strap a container of wipes to the top of the Huggies dispenser so they would take up less room inside the box. Just doing that freed up the entire inside of the box to hold a couple diapers, a change of clothes, and a roll of those little plastic bags for picking up after dogs, which are very convenient to have around if you’re going to be changing diapers or dirty clothes.

It’s an easy hack, but one that resonated really well with the parenting community, because according to The Huffington Post, Rasco’s post was liked more than 17,000 times and shared more than 100,000 times.

After it caught on so well, Rasco made a few updates to make it work even better. She poked some holes in the sides of the lid so the headband could be held in place with embroidery floss, which means the headband isn’t in the way of the lid closing, which helps prevent it from popping open sometimes.

It’s a pretty convenient way to stuff all one’s diaper-changing stuff into a convenient box that can be shoved in a car or handbag.

It also serves a purpose very similar to the Skip Hop Pronto changing station, which is an extremely useful thing to have around. It holds diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. and unfurls into a plastic mat to change the baby on. It’s very useful for when there is no changing table around, and even when there is one. Like Rasco’s hack, it’s just something you can stuff into a car or a handbag and know exactly where all your diaper-changing shit is, which is always good because otherwise you’re elbows-deep in a bag full of Cheerios saying, “Is this a diaper that I feel, or a teddy bear? Eh, I’m just going to put it on his butt and see what happens.”

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