This Woman’s Gender Reveal Party for Her Rescued Chicken Is the Best

I think we can all agree that gender reveal parties have gotten a little out of control, yes? Social media and Pinterest have turned finding out the gender of your baby into a major event. Balloons, hidden cakes, even colored gun powder: no one just says, “Hey, we’re having a girl!” anymore. But a recent gender reveal party has warmed our cold, black hearts. A woman in California had a gender reveal for her rescued chicken. And it was every bit as amazing as it sounds.

Darcy Smith rescued the malnourished bird and named it Funky Chicken.

Funky had a rough start in life. According to Darcy, the chick was found at the Sacramento SPCA in pretty bad shape. Malnourished and not cared for, the bird needed a home. So Darcy adopted Funky, and gave the chicken a new home on her ranch. She started a Facebook page to share their story.

Darcy says that fans started to wonder how to refer to Funky: as a he, or a she. That’s when the idea of the gender reveal was born.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Darcy said it can be difficult to sex a young chicken. “You don’t know until later [if] they’re going to cock-a-doodle-do or lay an egg”, according to Darcy.

Last week, we finally found out if Funky is a hen or a rooster. Drum roll please…he’s a boy! Funky Chicken is a little rooster. And the whole flock got in on the gender reveal fun.

Darcy says she hopes sharing Funky’s story in this sweet way opens people’s eyes to animal rescue and adoption. She tells Inside Edition“I hope by posting Funky and his videos and how sweet it is, that it will bring awareness to adoption and rescue of animals of all kinds. There are so many animals out there that need a home.”

We are so happy for Darcy and Funky! He looks like he’s found the forever home of his dreams. While gender reveal parties can be annoying and weird, this one just put a smile on our faces. Best of luck, Funky!

With back-to-school happening this week for many families, Funky Chicken also celebrated his first day of school — at home.

This chicken is the best, seriously.

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(Image: Facebook/Funky Chicken)

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