18 Hilarious White Elephant Gifts to Take to Your Office Party

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The holidays mean lots of office holiday parties. And office holiday parties usually mean you’ll have to participate in a white elephant gift exchange. If you’re not familiar with a white elephant exchange, it goes like this: everyone brings a wrapped gift, players draw names, then the first person selects a gift. They open it, and the players after that can choose to either pick a wrapped gift to open, or steal a gift from someone else. If your gift gets stolen, you can steal someone else’s or pick a new wrapped gift. This continues until someone refuses to steal or swap. Usually, white elephant gifts are simple and kind of boring. Something generic that everyone would like. But that’s no fun at all. So this season, pick something off this list to take to your white elephant gift exchange. Trust us, the looks on people’s faces will be worth it.

White elephant gifts don’t have to be useful. But they can be, in a weird “didn’t know I needed this but it’s amazing” sort of way.

white elephants gifts

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Who DOESN’T want a hot dog and bun toaster? Honestly.

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