Duggar Family Show ‘Counting On’ Has Yet to Be Renewed, Could This Be the End?

The Duggar family has had a rocky few weeks, and it appears as though things might get a bit rougher for the controversial family. According to the TLC website, the Duggar show Counting On does not have a start date for the 7th season. This is a bit surprising, considering how successful the family’s shows have been for the network. There’s been no official word from either TLC or the family, but it’s concerning that there is no premiere date this late in the season.

The Duggar family has weathered quite a few storms lately.


Jill’s husband Derick found himself in hot water for being a transphobic douchebag to a young girl on Twitter. That apparently caused some friction within the seemingly unflappable family. Not long after Derick went after Jazz Jennings for the second time, TLC removed him from the show and said he would no longer be involved in production.¬†Wayward cousin Amy Duggar spoke out against Derick following his atrocious behavior.

Derick’s firing led to speculation that Jill would have a limited role on the show going forward. Could that be the reason for the delay?

Jill and Derick have stayed mum on the family business, but they have been busy. A few days after TLC announced Derick’s ousting, the couple took to social media to ask fans to donate money for his “missions”. Then, pictures surfaced of Jill with a pierced nose and her knees visible, which in the Duggar family, is considered scandalous. For the rest of us, it’s just, like, a Thursday.


Last season of the show ended with the weddings of Joy-Anna and Joseph. Jill’s difficult birth with son Samuel was not part of the show, which seems a bit odd when you consider how much they love having babies. There are plenty of unmarried and childless Duggars left, so it’s not like there isn’t more content TLC could use. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the show, and if this is the beginning of the end for the enormous family.

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