Trump Suggested a Sitting Senator Trades Sexual Favors for Campaign Money, This Must Be What Rock Bottom Feels Like

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If you woke up today and thought, “It’s Tuesday, it can’t be THAT bad, right?” then you might want to sit down. Today, December 12, 2017, the sitting president* of the United States, sexually harassed a senator. On Twitter. There is just no end to this bottomless pit of despair, is there? In case you missed it, president* Donald Trump used his favorite bullhorn to intimidate and sexually harass N.Y. state Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, suggesting that she would do anything for money. The rage, it burns.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been an outspoken critic of the dumbass in chief. Following the resignation of Sen. Al Franken, Sen. Gillibrand publicly called on the orange one to resign, because of the accusations of sexual assault and harassment against him. Trump responded like an adult, obviously.

And. Would. Do. Anything. For. Them. Where’s my gas can?

First of all, does anyone, ANYONE AT ALL, actually believe anything he says? I imagine his credibility has gotten so low that most put him on the same level as the guy on the freeway exit ramp screaming about chem trails. Second, he speaks about himself in the third person. Trump is YOU, you complete numpty.

Lastly, look at that final line. That word. USED. Used up. No good. Trump doesn’t know how to actually address women on their merits and standings as humans, he has to denigrate them to commodities that can be tossed aside. Sen. Gillibrand is not here for your shit today.

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand replied to the president*, and the clapback was heard far and wide.

Translation: you fucked with the wroooooooong woman, asshole.

To date, 19 women have accused Trump of sexual assault and/or harassment. Trump himself admitted to sexual assault on that infamous Access Hollywood tape. 19 women, all who tell eerily similar stories, many who spoke about his harassment during the campaign. 19 women. Believe women, right? Isn’t that the new tagline? #BelieveWomen? Just, apparently, not these women.

Women have taken on the entertainment industry, the news media, and powerful CEOs. Believe us or not, we’re coming. And I hope Senator Gillibrand rides the goddamn wrecking ball right into the White House.

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