Okay, Seriously – What Color Is This Dress? (Poll)

A photo of a dress has gone viral on the internet. It seems the world can not agree on what color it is. It’s driving everyone — including me — absolutely nuts.

Call me easy, call me dumb, call me manipulated by the internet. Right now I just don’t care because this dress is driving me bananas. What color is it, people? I’m dead serious. Last night, a friend posted a link to Facebook, I looked at it, and thought to myself, “It’s blue and black, weirdo.” At the time, I had no idea that the dress had taken the internet by storm. Until I saw another post from a different friend — this time, the dress clearly looked white and gold. So I went back to the post from the first friend, with the dress that I so quickly and easily identified as blue and brown — and it was white and gold. What is happening, internet?

Here’s the Tumblr image that started this internet-wide mind f**k:


This dress is clearly white and gold to me. But since up is down, black is white, and reality is bending — you may see something else. I have to know — what do you see? I wish we could ask the llamas.

It seems like the entire internet is now weighing in on the “science” of why this dress is changing colors like a mood ring. Wired asked a neuroscientist at the University of Washington why everyone was perceiving this dress differently. I would sum it up for you, but I’m way too confused. You’ll have to read it yourself. I can tell you that they insist the dress is blue and black. I say have some fun driving your friends crazy with the image before you allow the internet to ruin it for you by explaining it.

So… what says you? Is this dress white and gold or blue and brown?

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(photo: Tumblr)

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